FaceOFF: Top Loading Water Cooler Vs Point Of Use Water Cooler

A Water Cooler is a unit which stores water in it and then dispenses out clean drinking water which can be either hot or cool, depending on the faucet that you are using. There are several types of water coolers available but in this article, we will discuss the two commonly used water cooler types i.e. Top Loading Water Cooler and Point Of Use Water Cooler.

Top Loading Water Cooler

As the name suggests, a top loading Water Cooler comes with a dispenser on which you can place the water bottle so that the dispenser will use it as a water source to provide you with clean drinking water. This type of water cooler is easy to install and doesn’t weigh a lot. You just need an electrical outlet and enough storage space and you are all ready to install your water cooler.

Top Loading Water Cooler

This type of water cooler also comes with a proper filtration system to remove the metals and other contaminants from the water source to provide you with a pure and clean drinking water. You can refill this water cooler by replacing the empty water bottle on the top with a new full water bottle but placing new water bottle can be a little tough as you have to pick up the heavy bottle and then place it on top of the unit.

This type of water cooler is cheap and inexpensive and is great for users who don’t want to invest in an expensive water cooler.

However, the long-term cost of this water cooler might be more than the other type of water cooler as you will need to purchase a water jug in every 3-4 days which might bring up your monthly water expenditure up to a notch. This is not including the delivery fee that is charged by companies on delivering the jugs.

Point Of Use Water Cooler

This type of water cooler can be connected directly to the water line which makes it easier and more convenient to use. You just need to set it up initially with the help of a plumber and then you can forget about it for the next few months.

You don’t need to refill this water cooler as it has a constant supply of water from the water lines. You don’t have to worry about placing the water jug on the unit anymore.

However, since this water cooler uses tap water, it is essential that you choose a water cooler which comes with a proper filtration system to ensure that it dispenses clean drinking water. Although the initial set up cost for this water cooler is more than the Top Loading model, it has a considerably lower operating and maintenance costs which makes it a favorable option.


If you are looking for a pure drinking water and have no water supply line near, then a Top Loading Water Cooler is the ideal choice but if you have a water supply line then a Point Of Use water cooler is the perfect choice for you.

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