Solemn Oath Brewery to open in Chicago – More Breweries to Follow

Solemn Oath Brewing is poised to become Chicago’s newest brewery when it opens the doors to its taproom this weekend (May 19-20).  Solemn Oath will be a production brewery based in Naperville, IL that will focus on producing 4 beers for draft only accounts.  they will brew Khloros, a Belgian White Ale; Oubliette, a Blonde Ale; Ultrahigh-frequency, an American Red Ale and Kidnapped by Vikings, an American IPA.


Perhaps the most interesting fact about Solemn Oath is that it is owned by brothers John and Joe Barley (not kidding).

For more info, check out their Facebook Page.  Their taproom and brewery will be located 1661 Quincy Avenue Ste. 179 in Naperville.  the hours for this weekend are Saturday, May 19 from 11AM-8PM and Sunday, May 20 from 11AM-5PM.

There are already several new breweries in Chicago, but in addition to Solemn Oath, the following Chicago area breweries are planning to debut later this year:

  1. Broad Shoulders Brewing (South Loop)
  2. New Chicago Beer Company
  3. Begyle Brewing (Ravenswood)
  4. Lake Effect Brewing (Portage Park)
  5. 4 Paws Brewing
  6. Dryhop

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